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Tangent is the first golf platform to connect practice to performance, accelerating the path to your best golf.
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your caddie.
Tangent Golf is not just another GPS app. Leveraging state of the art shot tracking, A smart caddie learns as you play to build a complete  profile of your golf game to tell you not just what to hit, but where to hit it. Improve your course management with a caddie leveraging shot distributions, course information, and realtime weather information.
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Practice with purpose.
Stop beating balls on the range with disappointing results. Golfers that practice with purpose improve over 50% faster. Tangent builds personalized practice regimens with measurable drills to build the golf skills you need to play your best.
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Practice different. Play different. Golf different.

Intelligent golf ecosystem

Our integrated software solution connects practice to play to build a complete golf profile of your game. On course data powers personalized drills to improve skills that translate to lower scores. Practice data trains Caddie to make better suggestions for course management. Tangent accelerates improvement.

Data that drives

Tangent turns numbers into insights and insights into progress. Each session on the course, range, or at home is an opportunity to learn and improve with Tangent. Intelligent analysis turns shot data into simple to digest feedback to accelerate progress that is visible where it matters; on the scorecard.

Improve faster while practicing less

Traditional training methods have left golfers in the rough with stagnant handicaps. Tangent takes a new direction with data-driven skill development proven to lead to better scores. No need for expensive lessons or perfect swings. Just a phone and Tangent.
Actionable Data, Measurable Results.
Sensorless Shot Tracking
Best in class intelligence tracks every shot of your performance on the course or in practice with only your phone or watch. Start the round and put your phone away... until you need help from the smartest caddie in golf.
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Swing Detection
Tangent’s best in class algorithms automatically detect and measure every swing you take with just your phone and / or Apple Watch. Experience hands-free tracking from tee to green.
A Caddie That Learns
The more you play and practice the more data the caddie has to make course management suggestions tailored to your game. Not just what to hit, but where.
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Pair with Friends
Pair rounds with friends to compete with stats and to follow along remotely with real-time notifications and tracking when your buddies hit the course.
Personalized practice plan
Innovative algorithms analyze your performance and tailor specific drills to accelerate your improvement. Stop searching YouTube and start developing golf skills.
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What our golfers are saying
I’ve always struggled at <course>. But after using Tangent Golf, I was able to finally get a respectable score and hit my index. I realized as I was using the AI caddie, my previous rounds were a disaster because my Club selections were all wrong. I love this app!
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I use a laser rangefinder or don’t like using a phone on the golf course, why would I use Tangent Golf?
Do I have to have an Apple Watch to get the most out of the app?
Can I use Tangent at home? Or does it have to be at the driving range?
Can I use Tangent to practice?
I don’t like data or numbers. Is this too much analytics for me?
your caddie.
with purpose.