Caddie Learns With Automatic Shot Tracking

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Tangent’s Smart Caddie tracks every shot your take in the background while you focus on golf. While the system works best when paired with an Apple Watch for swing detection, our smart algorithms track your golf with just a phone in your pocket or golf bag.

Caddie Strategizes with Real-time Course Management

Tangent's caddie is more than simple club suggestions.
Learning from your past performance and understanding the golf course terrain, the smartest caddie in golf guides you through course management based on strokes gained analytics and predictive game theory to help you navigate to your lowest scores.
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Caddie Improves With Each Round
Not Just What, But Where
Tangent combines your personal golf data including distances and dispersions with golf course data to not only suggest what club to hit, but where to aim. Caddie learns from the results to improve with more rounds.
Smarter Targets, 
Lower Scores
Tangent adjusts your golf data for wind and elevation with simple overlays that let you visualize if you have enough room to squeeze that driver past the traps.
Visualize Better Decisions
Tangent shows your shot dispersions overlaid with targets to allow you to visualize the impact of club selection to make your best decisions.
Strokes Gained
and More
It starts with strokes gained
Tangent turns shot tracking into Strokes Gained analytics to gauge your performance relative to similar peer groups no matter where you are in your golf journey; highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and opportunity.
Turn into Opportunity
Tangent breaks down strokes gained data to highlight the biggest opportunities for rapid improvement. You’re missing short? Time to work on low point control with the divot drill to improve strike and get that ball to the hole.
Track Your Journey
Time to climb to your peak performance. Tangent compares your performance to relevant benchmarks and guides you to accelerate the path to your best golf.
Digging Details Out of the Dirt
Go as deep as you want to go with advanced insights like performance by club, by lie, by golf course…
Golf is more fun with friends
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Be Jealous
Can’t hit course today? Get live scoring notifications and follow your buddies remotely with spectator mode. See each swing and shot live. Time to start working on your heckling!
Join and Compete
Fight for bragging rights at the 19th hole. Compete for longest drive, most feet of putts holed and best shot. Pair up to 5 players together for a joint tracking experience using each player’s individual device.
Live Scorecard
Let Tangent do the math. Linked rounds share a live scorecard with automatic handicap scoring. Tangent keeps track of pops and simplifies different scoring modes including stroke, match, and stableford.

Gameplan and Explore

Prepare and Perform
Whether you’re playing a course for the first time or the twentieth, Tangent’s explore mode allows you to gameplan the best strategy to attack a course before you get there. Visualize Shot-Link®-like history of your past rounds or the community so that you can make sure we keep that tee shot to the right side.
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Hole Summaries
Historical hole data is summarized to quantify strategies to unlock your best golf.
Measure Anything
Simple taps on the screen allow you to measure from anywhere to anywhere. How wide is that fairway? How deep is that green? How much room do I have to the right of the fairway?
True Handicaps
Hole 12 always giving you trouble? You’re not alone. See average scores, fairway % and more from the community to understand which holes are the most difficult. Corse hasn’t been played before? Set the Tangent Course Record and invite your friends to build the data.
Have Questions?
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